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29 January 1986
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This is a public journal, so feel free to add me to your flist. I don't usually do locked posts, but if I do, they're custom locked.
If you add me, I'll probably add you back. My adding you back doesn't make you my friend per se, but it does mean I'd like to get to know you, so that's a start. :P
If you delete me, I'll probably forget to delete you, so notify me you must.
Deal with the facts that I swear (not like a sailor, but I do utter a few bad words once in a while), I read X-Files smutfics (which I'll try to discuss once in a while, not in deep detail though, and behind an lj-cut), I'm het (apparently, your sexual preferences are a downright important issue), I'm atheist (no big surprises there), I'm a layout whore (that means I change the lj layout every month or so), I crosspost stuff sometimes (my bad) and I have Icee withdrawals (no comment).
My being a REO and KOF México moderator isn't enough reason to ask favors from me. If you just friended me just because you think you'll get "special favors" from me, well, go to hell. B)
I don't comment in my flist's entries very often, but rest assured, I do read them.
If you don't get along with one of my friends, that's a shame. But I can't delete the person off my flist just because of that. Deal with it.

If you're interested in my icons, add speedoyuu instead. Likewise, if you're interested in my life in another language, go for my spanish blog instead.

cynical lurkerdrone

Welcome. \o\ I am Mariana. jeansama shortened it to Mari, and I kinda liked it. I'm on the process to convince all my friends to call me Mari instead of Mariana. So far, I'm failing.

I live in Mexico, that country below the USA. Yes, people, there are countries below USA. You're just too narrow-minded to see them. :) I am a mexican born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, but I currently live at San Nicolás, which is about half-hour from Monterrey. Poke the map way below on this profile to see it. Snatch some pictures from PhotoMTY or something. Do I care? Nope, prolly not. :D

Currently 19 years old. The youngest one out of five sisters. Owned by a crazy mother and a crazy father who decided to have me when they were forty-something. Now they're sixty-something. Hoo boy.

Recently attained intarwebness in a very fortunate moment, after six months of abstinence. The yay.

Very friendly and disturbing, that would be me. This LJ, as you might have noticed, is rated PG-13 for a reason. :3 I usually add you back, but it takes me about a month to notice who's added me and who's erased me. My motto is "Don't worry, be genki". Hence.

I'm admin at yagami.org and hikari-labs.net. Head master and "jefa" of a group of six young adults who go by the collective name of Hikari Labs, making noise just because they're bored. But enough of that.

cosas al chilazo

Hmm, hobbies and stuff should belong here. I'd say making websites. Although I've been absent to the noble labour of webmastering for a while, due to school and all that.

My main fandoms are The X-Files, Rockman.EXE and King of Fighters. I'm a mod on the last two fandoms, working at Rockman.EXE Online Forums and KOF_México in order to protect the innocents and slay the n00bs with plastic scalpels.

Singers I like? Masami Okui, Moenia, JAM Project, La Ley, Aleks Syntek, Moby, Alanis Morissette, The Pillows, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Megumi Hayashibara, Coldplay, L'Arc~en~ciel, Steve Conte. Many others. Those were the first ones that came up on my head.

I play FFR, you can send challenges at DrHikari.

the blogger way

Blogs are one of my favorite obsessions. My other project, which is usually kept more tidy and up-to-date than this LJ, is Ultrarelax, my first blog. Two-years-and-half and still rollin'. In spanish.

I also have an icon journal, speedoyuu, which I fail at updating. XD; One of these days, you'll see...

My writing journal is drhikari, updated whenever I feel like it.

I contribute fandom wank -quite rarely, but I do- under the username DrHikari.

I also mantain the LJ community reoquotes. Pimpage. <3


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Icons: speedoyuu, everlyn, call_me_daisy, awakencordy

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Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Mari + Yuuichirou Hikari
were married
on the 20th day of June 2005

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