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"April's Fools! Haha." - Lazy Mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"April's Fools! Haha." [Apr. 13th, 2007|02:47 pm]
[mood |relievedrelieved]

Yeah, I'd wish someone would tell me that the past two weeks have been merely a big april fool's day.

Mom fell ill last weekend. The doctors were unable to give us a clear solution to the diagnosis ("infartos cerebrales", I'm unfamiliar with the english term for that), fucked up with her glucose levels (mom's diabetic) and sent her home. After that we had to call another doctor who restored the glucose levels to normal and then sent her home. She was given a whole box of medicines which she's bound to take for lord knows how much time. Mom's relatively fine now; she feels tired most of the time, but nothing that would seem life-threatening.

The week before that, Dad endured the most boring weekend of his life (I bet) when he began coughing blood. Diagnosis was that his coughing had caused him to open some old cuts on his throat, hence the blood. I said "boring weekend" because, other than that, he didn't feel sick or tired, spending most of the time in his hospital room watching the Discovery Channel. All the family's glad that the diagnosis wasn't the most obvious option at the time (lung cancer), but it was a fair warning to my dad, who decided to finally quit smoking. I'm hoping it lasts this time; he's tried to stop smoking before, going from periods of six months of no smoking to one box of cigarettes per day.

I'm happy both of them are fine, but I also keep wondering how long the peace would last. To keep the apocalyptic-esque thoughs off of my mind, I've been helping with house chores lately, and haven't gone out anywhere besides one time when I sneaked to the movies with Javi in the morning. The spring break will be over by monday so I guess I can catch up with homework and keep working on my microprocessors project.

On the bright side, Vale's had her first baby while mom was in the hospital. It's a beautiful baby boy named Diego Edmundo, and as predicted by his grandparents, he'll be tall, like his dad.

That's all.

Okay, it wasn't as emo as I thought it'd be.
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[User Picture]From: kuririnchan
2007-04-14 01:25 am (UTC)
Hyuu, heavy stuff. Hope everyone recovers just fine!
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