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Education? pfft, that's so overrated - Lazy Mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Education? pfft, that's so overrated [Mar. 13th, 2007|11:42 am]
So, apparently, there was a guy from junior high who decided that our car was the best place to pee on. Needless to say, a banshee version of my mom scared the guy away, hopefully to never repeat such act again. Jeez.

I'm also dropping (again, but probably never taking back) virus buster. Laziness isn't enough excuse, but yeah, Ryou, if you see this, you have another spot open ^^; I'll save you the "I'm not interested in the fandom as I was before" rant because we all know how it goes, and I would be repeating things many have said before me.
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