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Oh, yeah, a livejournal, I have one. XD - Lazy Mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Oh, yeah, a livejournal, I have one. XD [Mar. 1st, 2007|07:27 pm]
[Current Location |FCFM]
[mood |lazylazy]
[Listening to |Hazel fernandes - Number One]

And a fairly non-updated one, oughta say. =P

Life. Oh, yeah, life. What can I say, hmm. Things are going smoothly with my (romantic) life. Javi quit his job at the faculty's tech support, much to the grief of many, many teachers who looked upon him to fix whatever problem they had with their pc's. I now realise that all those times, with Javi telling me about the most recent processors or the specs of that computer he was drooling at, were worth it; I've got a microprocessors test in about half an hour and most of it is about things Javi has told me about a thousand times before. I just hope the teacher will indulge us with an easy test (because, sadly, Javi told me nothing about historical dates, so I'm in a pinch right now). XD

Life isn't treating our hometown well. There's been an increase on criminal activities throughout the past year, and my mom and my dad are particularly worried about me, can't blame them. My schedule forces me to arrive, at most, by 11 pm (I'm typing this at school btw). Dad comes to pick me up every so often, and the rest of the times Javi and I go together in the same bus. When there's no one to walk me to the bus stop (a good 15 minutes away from FCFM), I ring my dad and wait for him somewhere in the campus.

Despite that, everything's going pretty well for me. I think I'm doing fine on my classes, but only time shall tell. :P

How are you guys doing? I've been reading the flist every so often, I just need to reply more. I suck at being a friend, I think. :P

The requests are still open, but since I'm about to flee to my classroom I think you guys are gonna have to dig that post out. See ya.
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[User Picture]From: beau99
2007-03-02 03:35 am (UTC)
Eh, you don't suck at being a friend. I don't really comment all that much on my flist either.

To be honest, the only thing on my flist that interests me anymore is jrock_wank.
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